2018 - 2019

GYMZL Cup is a school floorball league which takes place every year since 2005. However, not much has changed ever since - especially the logo and website.

Two main goals were set for this project. The first goal was to make the whole league system more "user" friendly to all players and teams. At the same time, we wanted to become more visible on social media.


Font Mockup - Oswald Font Mockup - Arial





Logo Inspiration


Shield symbolizing the goalkeeper's helmet from the old logo.


Sport styled text based on Oswald font.

Floorball stick

Redesigned floorball stick which was also used in the old logo. I used negative space to add a ball.


Since our goal was to become more visible, I wanted to design a responsive logo, which could
be used and recognized all across the social media. GYMZL Cup logo can also be used in a text-based form.

GYMZL Cup Logo

Web Design

Working with Jan is an amazing experience - he is realy nice guy with an excellent talent so please, chek his amazing travel blog out! More detailed information will follow - here is a nice photo from Jan :]

Mockup design of GYMZL Cup website

Match Poster

Mockup design of floorball match poster