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Knight On Trip is a passionate travel blog written by photographer Jan Klíma. The blog is full of great articles, with stories from Jan's trips, travel tips for different countries (Norway Travel Guide), and tutorials on how to shoot different types of photos.


Photography Jan Klima standing on the top of Reinebringen mountain during fog


The first goal was to create a whole new website for a travel blog. It all started with designing the Knight On Trip page, then choosing the CMS, and finally publishing the page online. For me, the best choice was to use WordPress as a CMS - it has lots of SEO options and is easy to expand.

Drone Photography of Maldives sand beach by Jan Klima


On an everyday basis, we try to improve the search engine ranking. From optimizing on-site content to improving user experience, so Jan's articles would get a better reach. Besides SEO, we also use search engine marketing.

Photography with stunning view of mountain in Norway Lofoten

Working with Jan is an amazing experience - he is a friendly guy with an excellent photography talent. So please, don't forget to check his travel blog full of new adventures!